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November 23 to 26, 2017, São Paulo

An invitation to co-create, re-invent and re-occupy public spaces

Our 1 st Festival carries the DNA of the Instituto A Cidade Precisa de Você (The city needs you institute), gathering the activities, which are conducted by the organization in a transformative moment..


In four days of activities, theory meets practice in order to discuss how to make the city from a collective point of view. Lectures, workshops, chats, movie exhibitions have the aim to attract the attention to the agenda of a participative city, co-created by all its citizens.

We need to create
more innovative, democratic and
diverse cities. 

The growing movement of reappropriation of public spaces is more and more relevant throughout the world and in Brazil. The right to the city is on the agenda and in its center many citizens are willing to actively take part on the decisions concerning their relationship to the city and improving public spaces.

It is key to change the way we make the cities and how we relate to them.

You are now invited to this encounter so we can together discuss ways to create more innovative, democratic and diverse cities.

The festival will take place in the city center in the following places: Sasp, Praça Aberta da Ladeira da Memória, Escola da Cidade and in the streets! More info on the program.

The festival is non profit and made by its associates and volunteers, it also relies on the support of:







Photos by Felipe P. Lima Rizo, Denys Argyriou e Davidson Luna.

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